What is Kenny G’s Net Worth in 2024? A Comprehensive Look at the Saxophonist’s Wealth

What is Kenny G’s net worth?

Kenny G, the renowned American smooth jazz saxophonist, boasts a net worth of $100 million.

With over 75 million albums sold worldwide, he stands as the most successful instrumentalist in history and ranks among the top 100 best-selling musicians overall.

But Kenny G’s financial acumen goes beyond music—he is a savvy investor in both financial markets and real estate. Notably, Kenny G’s early investment in Starbucks, made before the company’s IPO, has been a significant contributor to his wealth, though the exact value of his stake remains undisclosed.

To put it in perspective, if you had invested $1,000 in Starbucks on its IPO day, it would be worth about $300,000 today.

Beyond his musical success and stock market gains, Kenny G is also a formidable real estate investor.

According to a divorce court filing in April 2023, Kenny G reportedly earns around $600,000 per month from his rental property portfolio, adding to his impressive financial profile.

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Early Life

Kenny G, born Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, entered the world on June 5, 1956, in Seattle, Washington. Growing up in a musically inclined family, his passion for music was evident from an early age.

He picked up the saxophone at just 10 years old, inspired by a performance he saw on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” This moment ignited a lifelong journey into the world of smooth jazz and instrumental music.

Kenny G’s early education was at Franklin High School in Seattle, where he joined the school band, honing his skills on the saxophone.

His talent quickly shone through, leading him to play in various local gigs during his teenage years.

This early exposure to performing not only built his confidence but also laid the groundwork for his future career.

Despite his rising success in music, Kenny G pursued a business degree at the University of Washington, showing his diverse interests and strong academic background.

This combination of musical talent and business acumen would later play a significant role in his ability to manage and grow his wealth.

Throughout his early life, Kenny G’s dedication to music was unwavering. He spent countless hours practicing and perfecting his craft, eventually joining the Jeff Lorber Fusion band while still in college.

This experience provided him with invaluable insights into the professional music scene, further fueling his ambition.

By the time he graduated from university, Kenny G was well on his way to becoming a celebrated saxophonist. His early life experiences, from his supportive family to his academic pursuits and formative years in the local music scene, all contributed to the foundation of a remarkable career.

This early journey set the stage for Kenny G’s later success, both as a musician and as a savvy investor.


Kenny G’s rise to success is nothing short of extraordinary. From his humble beginnings in Seattle to becoming a global icon in the world of smooth jazz, his journey is a testament to talent, hard work, and determination.

With over 75 million albums sold worldwide, Kenny G stands as a paragon of musical achievement. His signature smooth saxophone sound has captivated audiences for decades, earning him numerous awards and accolades.

From Grammy Awards to American Music Awards, Kenny G’s mantlepiece is adorned with the industry’s highest honors.

But Kenny G’s success extends beyond the realm of music. A shrewd investor, he has built a substantial wealth through strategic investments in both stocks and real estate.

His early bet on Starbucks, made before the company’s IPO, has proven to be particularly lucrative, highlighting his keen eye for opportunity.

Beyond his financial prowess, Kenny G’s success is also a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft. Countless hours spent practicing and perfecting his saxophone skills have paid off in spades, allowing him to connect with audiences on a profound level through his music.

Moreover, Kenny G’s ability to adapt and evolve with the times has been instrumental in his enduring success.

From his early days playing in local gigs to embracing digital platforms and social media, he has remained relevant in an ever-changing industry.

Today, Kenny G’s legacy is secure as one of the most successful instrumentalists of all time. His journey from a young saxophonist in Seattle to a global superstar and savvy investor is an inspiration to aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs alike.

And with his passion for music and business undiminished, the future looks brighter than ever for Kenny G.

Divorce Alimony Payment

When Kenny G and Lyndie Benson finalized their divorce in 2013, the terms included a significant alimony agreement, with Kenny committing to monthly support payments of $40,000, totaling $360,000 per year.

This arrangement reflected their lifestyle during the marriage and aimed to ensure stability for both parties in the aftermath of their split.

However, by March 2023, the financial landscape had shifted. The lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic had drastically impacted the live music industry, reducing touring opportunities and, consequently, Kenny G’s income.

Given these changes, Kenny G submitted a request to reduce his alimony obligations, citing a significant decline in his earnings.

Over the decade since the divorce, Kenny G had paid approximately $4 million in alimony to Lyndie, demonstrating his commitment to fulfilling his obligations despite changing circumstances.

His request for a reduction highlighted the broader impact of the pandemic on artists who rely heavily on live performances for their income.

The case underscores the evolving nature of financial arrangements post-divorce, especially in industries susceptible to economic fluctuations.

As the music world continues to recover from the disruptions of recent years, Kenny G’s request serves as a reminder of the need for flexibility and understanding when dealing with alimony and other financial agreements.

It also emphasizes that even high-net-worth individuals like Kenny G are not immune to the broader economic challenges faced by many.

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