Joe Biden Net Worth

What is Joe Biden net worth?

Joe Biden

$10 million

Joe Biden net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. This wealth comes from a combination of his government salary, book deals, and speaking engagements. As President, his annual salary is $400,000. 

Before becoming President, Biden served as Vice President, earning $230,700 per year. He also earned a substantial income from book royalties and public speaking after his term as Vice President.

His memoirs, “Promise Me, Dad” and “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship, and Purpose,” have been bestsellers, adding significantly to his net worth. 

In addition to these earnings, Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, have invested in real estate, owning several properties in Delaware.

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Presidential Salary

As President of the United States, Joe Biden earns an annual salary of $400,000. This salary is set by law and is the same for every sitting president.

In addition to his base salary, Biden receives a $50,000 annual expense allowance, a $100,000 non-taxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment. 

These additional funds are provided to cover the various costs associated with presidential duties. While the presidential salary is substantial, it is only one part of Biden’s overall income.

His earnings from book sales and speaking engagements also contribute significantly to his net worth.

Joe Biden’s Financial History

Joe Biden’s financial history is marked by his long career in public service and his successful ventures outside politics. He began his career as a young lawyer and was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1972.

As a senator, Biden earned a modest salary, which gradually increased over his 36 years of service.

After serving as Vice President from 2009 to 2017, Biden’s income grew significantly. He received a pension and earned money from book deals and speaking engagements. His memoir, “Promise Me, Dad,” became a bestseller, contributing a large sum to his wealth.

Biden has also made wise investments in real estate. He and his wife, Jill Biden, own several properties in Delaware, including a primary residence and a vacation home. These investments have helped secure their financial future.

Overall, Biden’s financial history shows a steady increase in wealth through public service, smart investments, and successful ventures in writing and speaking.

Early Life

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He grew up in a working-class family. His father, Joseph Biden Sr struggled with jobs for several years before finding stability as a used car salesman. His mother, Catherine Eugenia “Jean” Finnegan, was a homemaker.

During his childhood, Biden faced financial challenges. His family moved to Claymont, Delaware, when he was ten years old in search of better opportunities. Despite these hardships, Biden excelled in school and sports.

He attended Archmere Academy, a private Catholic high school, on a scholarship and later went to the University of Delaware.

Biden’s early life experiences shaped his values and commitment to public service. His background instilled in him a strong work ethic and a drive to overcome obstacles, which has been evident throughout his political career.

Political Career

Joe Biden’s political career began in 1972 when he was elected as a U.S. Senator from Delaware. He was one of the youngest people ever elected to the Senate at just 29 years old.

Biden served in the Senate for 36 years, focusing on issues like foreign policy, criminal justice, and drug policy. His long tenure made him a well-known figure in American politics.

In 2008, Biden was elected Vice President of the United States, serving under President Barack Obama. During his eight years as Vice President, Biden worked on key issues like economic recovery, healthcare reform, and foreign relations. His experience and leadership were highly valued in the administration.

In 2020, Biden ran for President and won, becoming the 46th President of the United States. His presidency focuses on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery, climate change, and social justice.

Throughout his political career, Biden has earned a steady income from his government positions, contributing significantly to his net worth.

Income From Speeches

After serving as Vice President, Joe Biden earned a substantial income from giving speeches. He was in high demand as a speaker, addressing various organizations, universities, and conferences. Biden’s speeches often focused on his experiences in government, leadership, and important policy issues.

These speaking engagements were highly lucrative. Biden earned significant fees for each appearance, sometimes receiving tens of thousands of dollars for a single speech.

This income from speeches added a considerable amount to his net worth, supplementing his earnings from his government salary and book deals. 

His ability to connect with audiences and share his insights made him a popular and well-compensated speaker.

Income From Book Deals

Joe Biden has earned a significant income from his book deals. After his tenure as Vice President, he wrote several books that became bestsellers.

His memoir, “Promise Me, Dad,” which details his experiences and personal challenges, was particularly successful.

Biden’s books offer insights into his life, career, and the values that have guided him. The sales from these books have added millions to his net worth. 

Additionally, the success of his publications led to lucrative book tours and promotional events, further boosting his earnings. Writing has been a profitable venture for Biden, complementing his income from public service and speaking engagements.


Throughout his career, Joe Biden has earned a steady income from his various government positions. As a U.S. Senator, his salary gradually increased over his 36 years of service.

When he became Vice President in 2009, his annual salary was $230,700.

As President of the United States, Biden now earns an annual salary of $400,000. In addition to this, he receives a $50,000 expense allowance, a $100,000 non-taxable travel account, and $19,000 for entertainment.

These salaries and allowances have provided Biden with a stable and substantial income, contributing significantly to his overall net worth.

Jill Biden Salary

Jill Biden, the First Lady of the United States, has also contributed to the family’s income through her professional career. She is an accomplished educator with a long history of teaching.

Jill holds multiple degrees, including a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in educational leadership.

While serving as Second Lady, Jill continued to teach at Northern Virginia Community College, earning a salary as a full-time professor.

Her dedication to education and her role as a teacher have provided a steady income, which has supplemented the family’s finances. Jill Biden’s commitment to her profession highlights the couple’s dedication to public service and education.

Tax Returns

Joe Biden, like all U.S. Presidents, has made his tax returns publicly available. These documents provide detailed insights into his income sources, charitable contributions, and tax payments. Biden’s tax returns reflect his earnings from government salaries, book royalties, and speaking engagements.

They also show deductions and credits claimed, offering transparency into his financial activities.

The release of tax returns is a standard practice for presidential candidates and sitting presidents, allowing the public to assess their financial dealings and obligations.

Biden’s tax returns have been scrutinized for compliance with tax laws and for insights into his overall financial health and charitable giving.


Joe Biden’s financial records indicate that he has managed his finances without significant debt. Throughout his career in public service, Biden has maintained a conservative approach to personal finances, avoiding large liabilities.

His financial stability is supported by his steady income from government salaries, book royalties, and speaking engagements.

Like many individuals, Biden has likely incurred standard liabilities such as mortgages or loans, which are typical for homeowners.

However, he has not been publicly associated with any excessive debts or financial issues that could jeopardize his financial standing or net worth. Biden’s approach to financial management reflects his prudent handling of personal finances throughout his career.

Rental Income

Joe Biden has earned rental income from properties he owns. Alongside his wife, Jill Biden, he owns several properties in Delaware, including their primary residence and a vacation home. These properties have provided rental income, adding to their overall financial portfolio.

Rental income is a common source of passive income for many individuals and families who invest in real estate. Biden’s rental properties not only serve as personal residences but also generate revenue through rental agreements.

This income stream contributes to their financial stability and supplements other sources of earnings, such as government salaries and book royalties.

Overall, rental income from their properties in Delaware has been a significant component of Joe Biden’s financial strategy, bolstering his net worth over the years.

Real Estate

Joe Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, have invested in several properties over the years, primarily located in Delaware. Their real estate portfolio includes their primary residence in Greenville, Delaware, and a vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

These properties serve both as personal residences and as investments, contributing to the Bidens’ overall net worth. Real estate investments are a common way for individuals to build wealth over time, providing rental income and potential appreciation in property values.

The Bidens’ real estate holdings reflect their long-term financial planning and investment strategy. Their properties not only offer them comfortable living arrangements but also serve as assets that contribute positively to their financial stability and net worth.

Marriages and Children

Joe Biden has been married twice in his lifetime. His first wife, Neilia Biden, tragically died in a car accident in 1972 along with their daughter, Naomi. Biden remarried in 1977 to Jill Biden, who has been a supportive partner throughout his political career.

Together, Joe and Jill Biden have one daughter, Ashley Biden, born in 1981. They also have grandchildren from their children’s marriages, who are part of their close-knit family.

Joe Biden’s family life has been integral to his personal and public identity. His relationships with his wives and children have influenced his values and decisions throughout his career in politics. 

His family’s support has been a significant source of strength and motivation for Biden in his public service roles, contributing to his overall life story and legacy.


In conclusion, Joe Biden’s journey to his current net worth reflects a blend of dedicated public service, strategic financial decisions, and successful ventures outside of politics.

From his early days in Delaware to his tenure as Vice President and now President of the United States, Biden has navigated a career marked by resilience and commitment to his values. 

His financial stability is bolstered by his government salaries, income from speeches and book deals, as well as smart investments in real estate.

Throughout it all, Biden’s family has been a cornerstone of his life, providing unwavering support and shaping his personal and professional endeavors. 

As he continues to lead the country, Biden’s financial history underscores both his accomplishments and his ongoing dedication to public service and financial transparency.

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