Drake Net Worth

What is Drake net worth?

Drake’s story is a rags-to-riches anthem for the digital age. This Canadian chameleon started on a Toronto teen drama, “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” but his true calling was behind the mic. Since 2006, Drake’s been dropping hit tracks like clockwork, each one a chart-topping juggernaut.

His debut album, “Thank Me Later,” exploded onto the scene in 2010, launching him into superstardom. Drake’s relentless hustle combined constant touring, award show appearances, and a laser focus on building a global fanbase.

The result? A staggering $430 million in career earnings (before taxes and the finer things in life, of course). That’s enough to make Scrooge McDuck jealous.

But Drake’s reign wasn’t built overnight. Check out his annual earnings to see the meteoric rise of a rap king:

  • June 2017 – June 2018: $45 million
  • 2017 alone: A whopping $95 million
  • June 2018 – June 2019: $75 million
  • Following year: $50 million

Drake’s not just a rapper; he’s a business, a brand, a cultural phenomenon. And his story is far from over.

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Early Life

Aubrey Drake Graham. Not exactly the name that screams chart-topping hits and global fame, is it? But behind the stage name “Drake” lies a story more intriguing than any carefully crafted rap verse.

Born in Toronto in 1986, Drake’s life was a blend of high notes and off-beats. His father, a drummer who jammed with legends like Jerry Lee Lewis, offered a glimpse into the world of music, while his mother, a teacher and florist, grounded him in everyday life.

Early exposure to Judaism through a day school and a Bar Mitzvah celebration added another layer to his unique upbringing.

But just as quickly as the melody began, it faltered. His parents divorced when he was just five, leaving him with his mom in Toronto.

Summers were spent in Memphis with his dad, but those visits were often cut short by his father’s run-ins with the law. Money was scarce, and Drake and his mom shared a modest basement apartment in a wealthy suburb.

School wasn’t a walk in the park either. From sixth grade onwards, the taunts started. Being biracial and from a different religious background made him an easy target.

He even dropped out for a while, but eventually found his rhythm again, graduating in 2012.

Drake’s story isn’t your typical rags-to-riches fairytale. It’s a complex symphony of family struggles, financial hardship, and the constant search for belonging.

But within this unique blend of experiences lies the foundation for the musical powerhouse we know today. The challenges he faced became the fuel that would propel him to the top, making his rise to fame all the more remarkable.

Personal Life

Drake’s love life is like one of his epic rap battles – full of twists, turns, and a possible happily ever after (with himself, for now). Rihanna, the Barbadian beauty, stole his heart at 22 and remained an undeniable muse for years.

Their on-again, off-again romance was the stuff of tabloid headlines, leaving fans wondering if they’d ever truly be “Work.”

Then, in 2017, a plot twist worthy of a hip-hop opera! A son, Adonis, entered the picture with French artist Sophie Brussaux. Drake, ever the lyricist, kept the news under wraps until 2018.

So, who is Drake’s leading lady today? Well, that remains to be seen. Maybe he’s focusing on fatherhood, or perhaps the next muse is waiting in the wings, ready to inspire another chart-topping hit. One thing’s for sure, Drake’s love life is never boring.

Drake’s Degrassi Hustle

Degrassi wasn’t just a teen drama for Drake, it was his real-life plot twist. At 15, he landed the role of Jimmy Brooks, a basketball star on “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” Little did anyone know, this would be the first act in his rise to rap superstardom.

But Drake’s Degrassi days weren’t all glitter and high fives. While playing Jimmy, who himself faced a life-changing challenge, Drake’s own life took a dramatic turn.

His mom’s illness meant his Degrassi paycheck, a mere $2,000 a month after taxes, became their only lifeline. Talk about pressure!

“We were very broke,” Drake later revealed. This wasn’t your typical teen star story. This was a teenager hustling on camera to keep a roof over his head and his mom healthy.

But Drake’s resilience is what set him apart. He channeled the grit he learned on Degrassi into his music, laying the groundwork for the empire he’d build.

Degrassi wasn’t just a stepping stone; it was his training ground, teaching him the power of hard work and the importance of family – themes that would resonate throughout his career.

Music Career

Forget the glitzy showcases and industry power plays. Drake’s musical ascent is a story of hustle and heart. Inspired by rap titans like Jay-Z, Drake (then Aubrey Graham) bypassed the traditional route in 2006.

His weapon of choice? Mixtapes. Think of them as underground albums, self-made and bursting with raw talent. He dropped his first mixtape, “Room for Improvement,” on his own website and Myspace, selling over 6,000 copies directly. Not bad for a bedroom operation!

Next came “Comeback Season,” released on his own label, October’s Very Own (OVO for short). This mixtape boasted a street hit, “Replacement Girl,” that became the first unsigned Canadian rap video to land on BET. Talk about breaking barriers!

The song caught the ear of Houston legend, Jas Prince, who played it for none other than Lil Wayne. Impressed, Lil Wayne called Drake straight up, inviting him on his “Tha Carter III” tour.

This wasn’t just opening for a superstar; it was a boot camp. On the road, Drake and Wayne cranked out tracks like “Brand New” and “Forever,” forging a creative partnership that would redefine hip-hop.

Drake’s journey from Myspace mixtapes to mansion money is an inspiration to any aspiring artist. It’s a testament to the power of self-belief, hard work, and a killer mixtape.

Drake’s Young Money Maneuver

Drake wasn’t just making music, he was making power moves. By 2009, his mixtape “So Far Gone” was a runaway train, downloaded 2,000 times in the first hour and eventually certified Gold.

Forget labels chasing him, Drake had them in a bidding war so fierce it might as well have been a rap battle itself.

But Drake, ever the strategist, played his hand perfectly. He landed a deal with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment, a power move that would solidify his place in the rap game.

It wasn’t just any deal though, it was a joint venture with Cash Money and Universal Music backing him up. Talk about a dream team!

This wasn’t just Drake signing a contract, it was a coronation. The mixtape king was officially hip-hop royalty.

Mixtape Millionaire to Mainstream

Drake’s rise to mainstream success wasn’t a climb, it was a takeover. His debut album, “Thank Me Later,” wasn’t just good, it went platinum, topping charts in the US and Canada like a boss flexing on the competition.

This was just the beginning. His next album, “Take Care,” repeated the chart-topping dominance, eventually reaching 6-times platinum. Every album since? Certified bangers, all at least 4-times platinum.

Drake wasn’t just making music, he was building an empire. Collaborations with music royalty like Kanye West, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Travis Scott cemented his place as a force to be reckoned with.

Awards became his trophies. Over 180 major awards, including 4 Grammys from a whopping 40 nominations, solidified his status as a critical and commercial success.

Concerts became money machines, with Drake raking in a cool $1 million per show.

Drake’s story isn’t just about catchy tunes and chart dominance. It’s about hard work, hustle, and a strategic brilliance that turned a mixtape mastermind into a mainstream mogul.

The Rise and Fall of the YOLO Estate

Drake’s YOLO Estate wasn’t just a house, it was a monument to his success. Imagine a Google search for “craziest residential swimming pools” coming to life. That was Drake’s vision, and in 2012, he turned it into reality with a $7.7 million cash purchase.

This wasn’t your average McMansion. We’re talking multiple residences, a 25-person movie theater (bigger than most multiplexes!), a private basketball court, and a lagoon-style pool with waterfalls, a swim-up bar, and an epic water slide. Playboy mansion vibes? Check. Equestrian stables because, why not? Check.

This wasn’t just a house, it was a playground for the rich and famous. Drake spent years manifesting this mansion, using a picture of the pool as his computer background for motivation. Talk about setting goals!

But even empires have their endings. In 2022, Drake listed the YOLO Estate for a cool $22.7 million. While it didn’t sell for that lofty price, NFL star Matthew Stafford snagged two of the three parcels for $11 million – a steal compared to the original asking price.

The final piece of the YOLO puzzle sold for $12 million in July 2022, marking the end of an era. Drake may have moved on, but the legend of the YOLO Estate – a testament to his ambition and over-the-top lifestyle lives on.

Mansion Mania

Drake’s real estate journey is a rags-to-riches saga in brick and mortar. Remember that basement apartment from his Degrassi days? Yeah, things have changed.

In Toronto’s posh Bridle Path neighborhood, Drake’s sprawling 50,000-square-foot mansion is a monument to his success. This isn’t just a house, it’s a self-contained kingdom.

Imagine a 10-car garage (because, obviously), an NBA-worthy basketball court for on-demand slam dunks, a gym to keep him sculpted, and an entire room dedicated to his many awards a constant reminder of his reign at the top.

And the master bedroom? A luxurious 3,200 square feet bigger than most people’s entire apartments! Drake doesn’t just live large, he lives like royalty.

But Toronto isn’t his only stomping ground. He’s also got a condo downtown, proving he can switch between mansion majesty and urban chic whenever the mood strikes.

Drake’s real estate portfolio isn’t just about flashy displays of wealth; it’s a reflection of his ambition and his ever-evolving life. From those humble beginnings to these palatial digs, Drake’s journey is an inspiration – even if it comes with a side of serious square footage.


Drake’s not just a rapper, he’s a touring titan. Forget cramped clubs Drake’s shows are global spectacles.

His first solo tour, the “Away From Home Tour” back in 2010, was just the opening act. Since then, he’s headlined five more tours, each bigger and bolder than the last. He’s even joined forces with rap royalty like Migos for co-headlining tours that shattered records.

Remember that Summer Sixteen Tour? It was a hip-hop money machine, raking in a staggering $84.3 million – the highest-grossing hip-hop tour ever at that time. Fast forward to the Migos co-headlining tour, and that record was smashed again, pulling in a cool $80 million.

Drake doesn’t just tour, he builds empires. Every summer, Toronto shuts down for OVO Fest, his own music festival that sells out faster than you can say “Hotline Bling.”

And Vegas? Drake’s a kingpin there too, with a residency at XS Nightclub that can net him a casual half-million bucks per show. Need a Drake concert for a private event? Be prepared to shell out over $2 million – that’s the going rate for Drake’s VIP treatment

Private Air Jet

Drake’s tours aren’t just concerts; they’re experiences. They’re a testament to his star power and his ability to turn every performance into a sold-out spectacle.

Forget first class – Drake travels like a rap god on his very own private jet, Air Drake. This isn’t just any airplane; it’s a 767 Boeing customized to Drake’s kingpin lifestyle.

In a 2019 Instagram flex, Drake unveiled Air Drake in all its glory. And best of all? He owns it outright – no rentals, timeshares, or pesky co-owners here. This is Drake’s sky palace, and he calls all the shots (and in-flight movie choices).

Imagine soaring through the clouds in a jet valued at a cool $75-$100 million. Air Drake is the ultimate status symbol, a symbol of Drake’s dominance in the music industry and his commitment to the finer things in life.

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