Ryan Cohen’s Net Worth

What is Ryan Cohen’s net worth?

Ryan Cohen, an influential American entrepreneur and businessman, has amassed a remarkable net worth of $1 billion. Cohen’s journey to fortune began with the founding of Chewy, an innovative e-commerce pet supply company, initially launched as MrChewy in 2011.

Alongside his co-founder Michael, Cohen faced and overcame significant hurdles, enduring over 100 rejections from venture capital firms before securing $15 million in funding from Volition Capital in 2013.

Their persistence paid off spectacularly; by 2016, Chewy had raised an additional $230 million, generated $900 million in sales, and emerged as the leading online pet retailer.

In 2017, Chewy achieved a historic milestone when it was acquired by PetSmart for $3.35 billion, marking the largest e-commerce acquisition to date.

Cohen continued to lead the company as CEO until his departure in 2018. Under his leadership, Chewy went public in June 2019, experiencing a meteoric rise of 71% on its first day of trading.

The IPO, initially priced at $22 per share, opened at $36 and closed at $34.99, giving Chewy a market cap of $8.7 billion.

Cohen’s financial acumen extended beyond Chewy, garnering widespread attention for his strategic investment in GameStop. In August 2020, he disclosed the purchase of 9 million shares in the video game retailer for $76 million, at an average price of $8 per share, representing 10% of the company’s outstanding shares.

In January 2021, GameStop experienced a legendary stock surge, with prices reaching as high as $480 per share. At this peak, Cohen’s investment skyrocketed to a staggering $4.3 billion.

Ryan Cohen’s success story is a testament to his visionary leadership, resilience, and keen investment strategies, cementing his reputation as a transformative figure in the business world.

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Early Life

Ryan Cohen, born in 1985 in New York and raised in Florida, displayed an early passion for computers and technology, teaching himself to code as a child.

His entrepreneurial spirit led him to drop out of high school at 16 to launch an online advertising company, although the venture did not succeed. Undeterred, Cohen briefly attended the University of Miami before leaving to pursue his business ambitions.

This determination and resilience ultimately paved the way for his remarkable success as the co-founder of Chewy and a visionary investor in GameStop, solidifying his legacy in the business world.


In 2011, Cohen co-founded Chewy.com, an online retailer of pet products, with Michael Day. The company quickly grew in popularity and became known for its exceptional customer service, fast shipping, and wide selection of products.

Cohen and his team focused on creating a seamless e-commerce experience for pet owners, which included personalized recommendations, easy ordering, and 24/7 customer support. Chewy went public in 2019 and was acquired by PetSmart for $3.35 billion.

PetSmart Acquisition

Following PetSmart’s historic acquisition of Chewy for $3.35 billion in 2017, Ryan Cohen continued to contribute to the company’s strategic direction as a valued member of the board of directors.

However, his tenure in this role was relatively brief, as he made the decision to step down in 2018. Additionally, Cohen opted to sell off the majority of his shares in the company, signaling a transition in his focus and investment strategy.

Despite his departure, Cohen’s influence and legacy within Chewy remain palpable, having played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s trajectory as a leader in the e-commerce space.


In 2020, Ryan Cohen embarked on a bold investment venture by purchasing shares of GameStop, a struggling video game retailer, marking the beginning of his journey as an activist investor in the company.

Recognizing the potential to disrupt the traditional retail model, Cohen envisioned transforming GameStop into a digital-first retailer, leveraging his expertise in e-commerce and consumer-centric innovation.

His proactive approach and efforts to shake up the board of directors garnered widespread attention from the media and the investment community alike.

The impact of Cohen’s involvement in GameStop reached a crescendo in early 2021 when a cohort of individual investors, including many from the subreddit r/WallStreetBets, collectively rallied to buy substantial volumes of GameStop shares.

This unprecedented surge in demand triggered a meteoric rise in the stock price, captivating global financial markets and sparking intense scrutiny and debate.

Today, Ryan Cohen holds approximately 12% of GameStop’s outstanding shares, a testament to his conviction and vision for the company’s future.

At various junctures, the value of his shares has surged to staggering heights, reaching between $500 to $800 million, further solidifying his status as a prominent figure in the investment landscape.

Cohen’s strategic maneuvers continue to captivate industry observers, underscoring his role as a transformative force in reshaping the dynamics of retail and investment.

Bed Bath & Beyond

In 2020, Ryan Cohen extended his transformative investment strategy beyond GameStop, purchasing a significant 10% stake in Bed Bath & Beyond, a beleaguered retailer facing industry headwinds.

Becoming an activist investor in the company, Cohen envisioned a revitalization strategy centered on leveraging e-commerce and modernizing the shopping experience. His strategic vision resonated with stakeholders, leading to his appointment to the board of directors in 2021.

Cohen’s tenure as an influential board member saw the implementation of innovative initiatives aimed at rejuvenating Bed Bath & Beyond’s market position.

However, in August 2022, Cohen opted to divest his entire stake in the company, totaling approximately 9.45 million shares. This strategic move resulted in a remarkable profit of $70 million, underscoring Cohen’s shrewd investment acumen and ability to capitalize on market opportunities.

While Cohen’s departure from Bed Bath & Beyond marked the end of a significant investment chapter, his impact on the company’s trajectory remains palpable, reflecting his commitment to driving positive change and maximizing shareholder value.

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