Dan Katz Net Worth

What is Dan Katz net worth?

Dan “Big Cat” Katz, an influential figure in American sports media, boasts a net worth of $2 million. Renowned for his dynamic presence and sharp wit, Katz has cemented his reputation through his work with Barstool Sports, a leading blog and entertainment platform that fuses sports and pop culture.

As a co-host of the wildly popular “Pardon My Take” podcast, Katz reaches an audience of up to 1.5 million listeners per episode, making it one of the most listened-to sports podcasts in the industry.

In 2017, Katz, alongside his co-host PFT Commenter, was honored as the top sports media talent under the age of 40, a testament to his impact and influence in the field.

His writing credits include “The Barstool Rundown: Live from Houston,” and he has made numerous television appearances on programs such as “SportsCenter,” “The Ryen Russillo Show,” “Pro Football Talk Live,” and “ABC News Nightline.”

Katz’s career also includes a stint on ESPN, where he co-hosted a televised version of “Pardon My Take.”

Despite the show’s brief run and the controversy it sparked among some of ESPN’s female employees due to Barstool’s contentious reputation, Katz’s venture into television demonstrated his versatility and widespread appeal.

Dan Katz’s journey from blogger to a prominent voice in sports media showcases his talent, resilience, and ability to engage a diverse audience with his insightful and entertaining commentary.

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Early Life

Dan “Big Cat” Katz, before becoming a prominent figure in sports media, had a formative early life that shaped his path to success. Born and raised in the United States, Katz grew up with a passion for sports and a natural talent for humor.

His early years were marked by an insatiable curiosity and a penchant for making people laugh, traits that would later become integral to his career.

Katz attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he further honed his writing and communication skills. His time in college was not only about academics but also about immersing himself in the world of sports, gaining insights, and developing a deep understanding of the industry.

His collegiate experience provided a fertile ground for his future endeavors, blending his love for sports with a knack for engaging storytelling.

After graduation, Katz’s journey into the professional world began with various writing gigs that allowed him to showcase his distinctive voice and perspective.

It was during this period that he started to build a reputation for his humorous take on sports and pop culture, catching the attention of Barstool Sports.

His ability to blend humor with incisive sports commentary made him a perfect fit for the irreverent and edgy style that Barstool Sports is known for.

Katz’s early career moves were characterized by a relentless drive and a willingness to take risks, qualities that would eventually propel him to co-host one of the most popular sports podcasts, “Pardon My Take.” His journey from a curious, sports-loving kid to a major media personality is a testament to his dedication, talent, and unique approach to sports journalism.

Personal Life

Dan “Big Cat” Katz, while widely known for his professional achievements in sports media, maintains a relatively private personal life, offering glimpses that highlight his character beyond the public persona.

Born and raised in Chicago, Katz developed a strong affinity for sports early on, a passion that would later fuel his career.

Katz is known to be fiercely loyal to his hometown sports teams, often expressing his fervent support for the Chicago Bears, Cubs, and Bulls.

This loyalty extends beyond mere fandom; it’s a core part of his identity and frequently surfaces in his work, adding a personal touch to his professional commentary.

Though Katz keeps much of his personal life out of the limelight, it is known that he is in a committed relationship. He and his long-time partner welcomed their first child, a son, in 2019.

Katz has shared moments of fatherhood with his audience, often reflecting on the joys and challenges of parenting with his signature humor.

His experience as a father has added a new dimension to his on-air personality, providing relatable and heartwarming content that resonates with many of his listeners.

Katz is also known for his strong friendships, particularly with his co-host, PFT Commenter. Their camaraderie is evident both on and off the air, showcasing a genuine bond that contributes significantly to the success of “Pardon My Take.”

Their interactions are a blend of playful banter and mutual respect, underscoring the importance of friendship and teamwork in Katz’s life.

Beyond his immediate family and friends, Katz has a philanthropic side, often engaging in charitable activities. He has used his platform to support various causes, ranging from disaster relief efforts to advocating for mental health awareness.

His involvement in these causes reflects a deeper commitment to giving back to the community and using his influence for positive change.

In his free time, Katz enjoys indulging in his love for sports, whether it’s attending games, playing recreationally, or discussing sports history and statistics. He also has a penchant for humor and pop culture, which he seamlessly integrates into his work, making him a multifaceted personality.

Despite his fame, Dan Katz remains grounded, valuing his privacy and personal relationships. His ability to balance a high-profile career with a fulfilling personal life is a testament to his character and the supportive network around him.

Katz’s personal journey is a blend of passion, loyalty, and a commitment to staying true to himself, qualities that endear him to his audience and peers alike.


Dan “Big Cat” Katz has carved a distinctive niche in the sports media landscape, blending humor, insight, and a genuine passion for sports. From his early days as a sports enthusiast in Chicago to becoming a leading figure at Barstool Sports, Katz’s journey is marked by resilience, creativity, and a knack for connecting with audiences.

Katz’s professional accomplishments are substantial. As a co-host of the immensely popular “Pardon My Take” podcast, he has redefined sports commentary, reaching millions of listeners with each episode.

His ability to seamlessly integrate humor with in-depth sports analysis has made the podcast a cornerstone of modern sports media.

The recognition he received alongside his co-host PFT Commenter as the top sports media talent under 40 in 2017 underscores his influence and talent.

Despite a brief and controversial stint on ESPN with “Barstool Van Talk,” Katz’s willingness to push boundaries and take risks highlights his commitment to innovation in sports media.

The show’s cancellation after just one episode served as a testament to the challenges of blending unconventional media approaches with mainstream platforms. However, it also reinforced Katz’s resolve to maintain his unique voice and vision.

Katz’s personal life, though largely kept private, reflects his grounded nature. His loyalty to Chicago sports teams, his experiences as a father, and his strong friendships, particularly with his co-host, enrich his professional persona.

These aspects of his life add depth and relatability to his public image, endearing him further to his audience.

Philanthropy also plays a significant role in Katz’s life. He leverages his platform to support various charitable causes, demonstrating a commitment to using his influence for good.

This aspect of his character showcases a dedication to community and positive change, complementing his professional achievements.

In conclusion, Dan “Big Cat” Katz is a multifaceted personality whose impact on sports media is undeniable. His blend of humor, passion, and authenticity has redefined sports commentary, making him a beloved figure among fans and peers alike.

Katz’s journey from a sports-loving kid in Chicago to a leading media personality exemplifies the power of staying true to oneself, embracing risks, and relentlessly pursuing one’s passions.

As he continues to evolve in his career, Katz’s influence on sports media is set to endure, inspiring future generations of sports enthusiasts and commentators.

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