Bill Bellamy Net Worth

What is Bill Bellamy net worth?

Bill Bellamy’s career is a laugh riot from start to finish. He burst onto the scene with the now-iconic term “booty call” on Def Comedy Jam, instantly etching his name in comedy history.

But Bellamy’s talents extend far beyond a single phrase. He dominated MTV with hilarious appearances, showcasing his comedic versatility.

His acting chops shine through in films like Love Jones and Any Given Sunday, proving he’s more than just a funnyman. He even lent his voice to Cousin Skeeter and popped up on Kenan and Kel, further solidifying his comedic legacy.

And the punchline? An estimated net worth of $6 million. Bill Bellamy is living proof that laughter truly is the best medicine and a path to financial success!

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Early Life

Bill Bellamy’s journey wasn’t straight out of a comedy club. Born in Newark, New Jersey, he shared a childhood with his sister Karen and a brother who sadly passed away later.

Shaquille O’Neal, his larger-than-life cousin, dominated the basketball court, but Bill charted a different course, majoring in economics at Rutgers University.

However, while crunching numbers, a hidden comedic talent started to emerge. College became the unexpected stage where Bill discovered his passion for stand-up, a spark that would ignite a career trajectory leading him from the world of finance to the realm of laughter and the title of “Comedy Kingpin.”


Bill Bellamy’s rise to fame is like a perfectly timed “booty call” – unexpected, exciting, and leaving you wanting more. Honing his comedic chops in clubs like the Improv and the Comedy Store, Bellamy wasn’t afraid to take his act on the road, building a fan base across the nation.

It was this infectious energy that landed him on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam” within a mere two years. Here, he not only solidified his comedic talent but also gifted the world with the now-iconic term “booty call.”

But Bellamy wasn’t content with just stand-up. He seamlessly transitioned to television, becoming a beloved fixture on MTV. Remember “MTV Jamz” and “MTV Beach House”? Yeah, that was Bellamy, keeping the party going.

He also proved his acting chops on the big screen, starring in films like “Love Jones” and “Any Given Sunday.”

Bellamy’s versatility didn’t stop there. He lent his voice to characters like Skeeter on “Cousin Skeeter,” showing his comedic range extended beyond live performance.

The early 2000s saw him back in the spotlight, starring in shows like “Fastlane” and hosting “Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes?” – a platform for unearthing the next generation of laugh-out-loud talents.

Fast forward to today, and Bellamy is still going strong. He’s graced shows like “Insecure” and movies like “Kindergarten Cop 2,” proving his comedic timing is timeless.

Whether you’re a fan from his early stand-up days or discovered him on MTV, there’s no denying Bill Bellamy’s comedic influence. So next time you hear that term “booty call,” remember the man who brought it to the mainstream – the one and only, Bill Bellamy.

Personal Life

Bill Bellamy isn’t just a comedy legend, he’s a family man! In 2001, he sealed the deal with his wife Kristen Bellamy, a match made in comedic heaven (or perhaps a perfectly executed “booty call”).

Together, they’ve built a hilarious household with their two children. Their daughter, Bailey, arrived in 2003, bringing laughter and sunshine into their lives.

Three years later, in 2006, their son Baron joined the crew, solidifying their status as a power couple both on and off screen.

Real Estate

Bill Bellamy’s comedic timing isn’t just legendary onstage – it translates to real estate too! Back in March 2001, he landed a sweet crib in Encino, California for a cool $930,000.

Talk about a savvy move! This house became his home base, and guess what? It seems the laughter truly was the best medicine, because the place has tripled in value! Today, it’s estimated to be worth around $3 million. Now that’s what you call a golden joke!


Bill Bellamy’s journey to comedic and financial success is like a perfectly crafted stand-up routine – it unfolds with unexpected turns, side-splitting moments, and leaves you wanting more.

While the exact sum remains a mystery (think of it as a magician never revealing their secret), exploring his career path offers fascinating clues.

Bellamy’s early days grinding in legendary comedy clubs like the Improv and the Comedy Store honed his comedic skills and built a devoted fanbase.

This momentum catapulted him to national recognition on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam,” where he not only became a comedic sensation but also gifted us with the now-iconic term “booty call.”

But Bellamy’s talents extended far beyond stand-up. He effortlessly transitioned to television, becoming a beloved fixture on MTV with shows like “MTV Jamz” and “MTV Beach House.”

He then showcased his acting prowess in films like “Love Jones” and “Any Given Sunday,” proving his comedic range could shine brightly on the big screen as well. However, Bill Bellamy wasn’t just about delivering side-splitting routines; he also possessed a keen business sense. Back in 2001, he landed a fantastic deal on a house in Encino, California, for a cool $930,000.

This savvy move demonstrates his comedic timing extends beyond the stage – the property has skyrocketed in value, now estimated to be worth a staggering $3 million! Fast forward to today, and Bill Bellamy remains a comedic powerhouse. From scene-stealing appearances on shows like “Insecure” to hilarious roles in movies like “Kindergarten Cop 2,” his comedic genius continues to resonate with audiences.

So, while we might not have a definitive number for Bill Bellamy’s net worth, one thing is undeniable: his career is a testament to his ability to make us laugh, entertain us for decades, and build a successful life in the process.

The next time you hear the term “booty call,” remember the man who brought it mainstream – Bill Bellamy, a comedic and financial force to be reckoned with.

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